It starts with a slice of bread, a soft place for the meat to land. 

                            YOU HAVE SUCH BEAUTIFUL EYES!

Then a delicate smear of creamy tang. 


And now, the first slice of meat. Perhaps something light… 

                            YOU KNOW…

or a bit salty… 

                            IF YOU JUST

or even spicy. 

                            LOSE SOME WEIGHT 

Then another slice… 

                            OR TONED UP YOUR THIGHS. 

and another. 

                            THAT WAY

Now, one good piece of strong, peppery meat to accent what was just layered. 

                            YOU CAN GET A MAN.

Next, a piece of aromatic cheese… 

                            YOU WOULD MAKE SUCH A GREAT WIFE 

and another, this time one with age to it. The kind of age which develops mold…rot. Which some find appealing. 

                            AND AN EVEN MORE AMAZING MOTHER!

Top this with something brazen and powerful, a thin slice of red onion. 

                            YOU COULD BE THE TOTAL PACKAGE

Balance that out with a sweet, crisp portion of healthy green 

                            …BUT OF COURSE, THAT’S IF IT’S WHAT YOU WANT.

and a few slivers of sweet pickle, 

                            **FORCED SMILE**

topped with a heaping glob of creamy tang. 

                            IT WAS SOOO GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN!

Finalized by another slice of bread, a soft top to crush down upon all that has been stacked below. 

                            ENJOY THE REST OF THIS BLESSED DAY! 

emc ‘19 

By the Author: kittyskittle86

One Reply to “THE SANDWICH”

  1. oof. this one cuts very close. the self-worth of women should never be defined by their physical traits, nor their adherence to traditional femininity. the juxtaposition here between the voice of the author, indulging in food of all things (gasp!), and the passive aggressive outsider (a family member? an old friend? society as a whole, distilled to this one singular voice?) paints a stark picture of the lives women lead, balancing their true selves with the expectations heaped upon them. powerful stuff! thank you for sharing it.

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