The bigger picture is deemed as the perfect perspective 

Every curve, 
          every angle
                  from top to bottom 
        side to side 
to the scribble of a signature in the corner. 

“Do you see how that blue bleeds into the red? How each curve flows with the rest?” my friend asks. 

                                       “Where do you see that?” 
                                     “Right….there!”, they point. 

I search for the beautifully blended purple, 
the meditated curves that create the harmony  
that my friend has discovered. 

              I search, 
                         and search. 

Suddenly, the picture becomes jumbled. 
Every careful choice of color turns into a muddy gray.

Each curve becomes a twisted jungle. 

I am a fool 
               walking through a desert 
                                                  seeing mirages  
     of the beautiful purple and harmonized lines. 

I am helpless,

This desert stretches for endless miles. 
             IMPOSSIBLE to figure out. 

Through all of my angst,
I forgot that I had my friend at my side.
My friend.. 
she is…. 
                         I am…. 

     How can they be so calm,
so content,   
when the path in front of you 
                                     is a wicked– 

_____________dead end_____________ 

“All you need is the two feet in front of you.  
You will then find the purple,  
or any color you wish to find along the way. 
You will find your harmony — not in the perspective of the whole piece,  
but in the moments of each glance along the path.” 

All you need is two feet,  
to see where to begin,  
& where to keep going. 

By the Author: Megaroni

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