your absence was a promise
sworn to me by twin ghosts
Regret and Longing,
singing to me each in turn:

“you should have known better,”
their voices coal-smoke unfettered,
“but you are foolish, unbeloved.
you were always meant to burn.”


you’ve set sail on the sail-less ship
swept by lonely tides from the strand
and stranded me that i might watch your leaving from the sunken sand

(there again,
the supplicant bow of your head,
and on your thin brown arm, a band)

(they whisper:
too late now to listen:
we’ve told you so many times
the fire will eat
whatever its mouth can swallow)

does he see me now?
I, the stalwart pillar of salt on the shore –

no, he is silent, ever-silent,
only the churning sea between us
ever and before

By the Author: Intangible

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