A single tear
Revealing what she never wanted to
It tells the story that was not to be

He sees it
Pretends not to
Knowing it’s his fault
Knowing he’ll never say sorry

This will not be made right
Cannot be
It should have been something beautiful, something perfect

It had been
When the music begins it tells of a thick, caramelly sweet ribbon
Its lovely

Two beings melding seamlessly into one, moving in a flawless, fluid dance
It cannot be taught, copied or followed, this dance
It is singular, beautiful, delicious, velvety
Envied, desired,

The others see and merely wish they had this music, this dance, this destiny
The way the colors move together
Her silky rose gold with his swirls of molten silver
It’s the things of dreams, something mystical, magical even

Alas, as with all dances
All swansongs
All stories

It ends
And with it
The swimming
The immersion in the music
The composition has come to a fleeting halt, after a seemingly
Unending screenplay with whipped cream and a cherry on top
The wanton disregard of feelings

The careless flinging of cruel words like clothes over the bedroom chair
The colors which once swirled and moved so flawlessly together
Now smeared as that on a painter’s old rag

Beauty lost
The music, with each note, growing sour

A metallic taste has grown where sweetness once dwelled
The shining, sparkling glitter
Nothing but particles of dust, old dreams scattered

The music ends.
Our dancers halt.
The colors fade to black.

By the Author: MadRabbitQueen
(Featured image also by MadRabbitQueen)

2 Replies to “MELTING”

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve never been able to write poetry, I’m kind of a storyteller, so the way this just flowed out of me over about an hour was shocking! If I hadn’t sketched the little picture, on a scrap paper stained with coffee and grease, it would never have come out.


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