Sometimes you may take the image of how you see someone for granted. You get in the zone of wanting to be just like them, to learn all you can from them because you have the notion that you need to be just like this character in order to succeed.

That’s just it, they are characters. Made up, illustrated to create every move they make. They shine bright lights and play fanfares to mesmerize you—they will play for as long as they must, to hide the fact that they are something they are truly not. But the curtains eventually will fall, the show won’t go on.

Take it for what you will, but when something is at cost, whatever it may be, what would you do? Would you flash the lights, turn on the radio, do a dance and a twirl? Or will you be your own author, and illustrate your own actions, make it your own authentic self.

I would rather be my true self, than to become a drone. Waiting for the moment they are told to strike. Bowing down to the ghosts that haunt them at night. Only to face them when the next morning comes.

By the Author: Megaroni

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