3/1/19 Day: 39
“Can I ride my bike with no helmet?
I swear it can’t do anymore damage.”
2/28/19 Day: 38
“Why don’t I just play in the dirt,
& you’ll throw sand?”

2/27/19 Day: 37
“I come in xxx pieces.”
2/26/19 Day: 36
“Oh, you did.
Oh, you did.”
2/25/19 Day: 35
“Breathe me in,
remind me that I am more than just an oxygen mask.”
2/24/19 Day: 34
“You’ve come from royalty,
but you’re still as dark as your closet.”
2/22/19 Day: 33
“Hold up, what are you saying to me?
Hold on, is this true?”
2/21/19 Day: 32
“Am I like you, grumpy old man?”
2/20/19 Day: 31
“Is this what you call a mind read?”
2/19/19 Day: 30
“We are all squiggles, lines, curves & dust.”
2/18/19 Day: 29
“Take me with you.”
2/17/19 Day: 28
“Too many ‘yes mans’
Swollen finger, anxious biting of cuticles.
& you say, ‘we will see’.
I’m not into ‘yes’ anymore.
But don’t tell me, ‘no.'”
2/16/19 Day: 27
“Little toy houses, when I talk on the phone
& you tell me, “Be a bad bitch.”
2/15/19 Day: 26
“You are stronger than the weight
on your shoulder makes you feel.”
2/14/19 Day: 25
“Explosions contained in the pit of your stomach,
steam flies from your ears,
bloodshot eyes make you seem high on life.”
2/13/19 Day: 24
“Can you read my mind? Or just my lips? 
Sometimes they are disproportioned.
‘Is that correct?’ Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense.” 
2/12/19 Day: 23
“Are my feelings justified?”
2/11/19 Day: 22
“Show me your face. 
Are you crying? 
Are you laughing? 
What are you?”
2/10/19 Day: 21
“Why won’t you love me? 
Why won’t you treat me the same?”
2/9/19 Day: 20
“The world’s best… what? T
he world needs less of the best, 
& more of the misfits.”
2/8/19 Day: 19
“If you take my hand, 
I’ll show you how dark, 
the dark side can be.”
2/7/19 Day: 18
“Kitchen sinks hold family stories told at the dinner table.”
2/6/19 Day: 17
To all the times where I said I was good enough,
& didn’t forget it.”
2/5/19 Day: 16
“I’ll scratch your back, 
because that’s what I’ll do for you, 
when you feel like you can’t reach 
your dreams.”
2/4/19 Day: 15
“Does he love me? 
Or does he love the sports section of the newspaper,
reminding him of his ego,
that I’m a “5”, & he’s a “10”?”
2/3/19 Day: 14
” Fairy tales & unicorns, kitty cats & dogs. 
All part of a child’s mind, 
I hope I always have. 
Given the chance,
 I will always pick the blue slushie.”
2/2/19 Day: 13
“Lazy Saturday morning comes through windows, 
splashing all the colors across 
spiderwebs & dust bunnies, 
revealing their hiding spots.”
2/1/19 Day: 12
Burns & blisters, remind me that pain gets
worse, & worse, & worse,
& it throbs.
But it calms down,
as long as it doesn’t crack open,
I will heal.”
1/31/19 Day: 11
Do not mourn me, I am not dead.
 I’m only sick, from the neck up.”
1/30/19 Day: 10
“I walk & I walk, but x I x x hardly ever run.”
1/29/19 Day: 9
“When you turn your back,
that’s when they get you.
But you live that way anyway, because that’s what you are.
You just live it, but you don’t believe it.”
1/28/19 Day: 8
“We talk to ourselves & share secrets with ghosts.”
1/27/19 Day 7
“Bleak & plain, that’s what this morning is. 
& hopefully I will see through the rainy forecast. 
Nothing interesting today.”
1/26/19 Day: 6
“I’m not alone when you’re here, 
you’re just a coffee sip away.”
1/25/19 Day: 5
“Birds flock past the sun with hope that they don’t get singed 
by the warmth that gives them light.”
1/24/19 Day: 4
“Responsibility chokes you like a metal leash,
 it owns you & scolds you.”
1/23/19 Day: 3
“Making a difference every other day.
 I need that time to wash & dry my cape.”
1/22/19 Day: 2
“100 page notebook writes off coffee stains
 with black smeared ink.”
1/21/19 Day: 1
“Shadows are a clear statement of subtle silence.”

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